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running fearlessly into the end of summer
Reflecting on how good my life is and all the things for which I should be grateful. Sometimes I forget how much of a healthy thing this is to do from time to time. #perspective #mentalhealth
They give me their full attention two-thirds of the time. #theresalwaysoneinthebunch #adhd #ohdeer
spotted under cover

These two white-tail fawns have been wandering all over our neighborhood with their mom for several days. Seeing deer is nothing new to me, but I still find them fascinating and will usually stop my car or my walk to just watch them for a bit. And seeing little baby deer has been a first for me. So cool. The photo betrays how very small they still are.
rider on the storm
arising arboreous architecture
Took a very brief stroll over to Jeff’s place yesterday. He’s still standing in there. #stronglegs
monumentally minimal

This was my view during tonight’s soundcheck at the Sylvan Theater stage at the #WashingtonMonument. Cool does not begin to describe it.
“Do not go gentle into that good night
Rage, rage against the dying of the light”
beyond the clutter and around the bend is a new adventure…keep moving forward

#vscocam #latergram #leesylvaniastatepark #virginia #loveva #exploredmv